About Whale Watching in Maui Hawaii Waters

whale watching in maui hawaiiMaui is well-known throughout the world as one of the best destinations on earth to see the world’s largest creature – the whale. Yes, this is true for the fact that Maui, Hawaii is the official sanctuary of the humpback whale.

So if you happen to go there during the winter days, then there’s no excuse for you not to consider Maui whale watching. This activity is not only best for children, but for adults alike. Maui whale watching is particularly common every year from mid-December to mid-May, when the humpback whales make their home in the waters surrounding the blessed island of Maui.

What’s very nice to know about Maui whale watching is that you can not only obtain a look at the whales from the boat. Maui whale watching can even be done while standing on the seashore, or from air through helicopter tours. You can see the wonderful acrobatics of these giants and you can even hear the calls of the males as they compete for the attentions of the females. What’s more interesting is the fact that Maui whale watching doesn’t only give you the chance to see the jumping and rolling of the humpback whales, but you can even take a look at the humpbacks nursing their young, giving birth, or even mating. So it’s clear that you can see even the baby whales too.

Note that the animals are so huge that you can see them in the air, even from miles away. You can even see them and hear their calls even if you’re not considering Maui whale watching in a particular day. Aside from that, even if you are only snorkeling or diving, the sound of the whale’s mating calls will surely make you alert, and this is what basically adds to the excitement of Maui whale watching.

Although highly accessible, it is important to note, however, that whales in Maui, Hawaii are highly preserved. As their number continues to grow every year, increase care is highly implemented to avoid disturbing them. Today, certain state and federal laws protect the humpbacks from being harassed or harmed. One of the most established rules is not to approach whales when considering a Maui whale watching by any means to within 100 yards of the creature. Aside from this, aircrafts are strictly not allowed to make an entrance to a 1,000 foot over flight bubble around the whale pods. Well, if you are considering Maui whale watching in a boat or an aircraft, expect then to observe these laws. The operators of aircrafts and boats certainly know and follow these rules.

About Whale Watching in Maui Hawaii Waters

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