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List of Maui Oceanfront real estate properties Available for Vacation Rental

Below is a list of the most visited and currently available Maui oceanfront real estate properties that can accommodate you during your Maui vacation. Note that these Maui oceanfront real estate properties are just a feel for some of the Maui communities that house Maui vacation rental homes. Maalaea Banyans Maalaea Banyans is actually a […]

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Best Maui Beaches to Visit During Your Vacation Stay

You may run out of suntan lotion before you can see all of the best Maui beaches. Your choices of Maui beaches for swimming, sunbathing, surfing, and other water activities are so numerous that it will be hard just to choose a few to visit. But, that’s part of the fun of visiting Maui! Maui […]

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Surf Lessons on Maui Hawaii Beach Fronts

It is safe to say that if anyone visiting Hawaii ever wants to learn how to surf this is the place. There are many different places to take surf lessons while on the island of Maui. My favorite is located in the town of Lahaina. Lahaina is just a short drive from the Kanapali resort […]

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Maui Vacation Beach Front House Rental

One thing that the beautiful island of Maui is known for are its beaches. If you want to spend a few days here, you can book a reservation at a hotel or you can try something different like getting a Maui vacation ocean front rental. Maui vacation ocean front rental is normal in the island. […]

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Finding the Best Maui Beach Vacation Club

Most people who go to Hawaii would like to come back again in the future. If you are having a hard time looking for accommodations especially during the peak season, why not join a Maui beach vacation club? The concept of becoming a member of the beach vacation club is usually to share in the […]

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Maui Beachfront House Vacation Rentals in Hawaii

Sun kissed, magical Maui. Named for a Hawaiian god who lassoed the sun so it would take longer to cross the sky, this island paradise is just the right mix of civilization and Mother Nature’s beauty. Warm ocean waters tempt snorkelers with the promise of colorful reef fish. Humpback whales, annual visitors from November to […]

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