Maui Vacation House Rentals in Hawaii

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Upcountry Authentic Maui Island Area Inland Via Kula Highway

Hawaii is a cowboy state? Don’t dismiss the idea right away. While you may think of surfers and hula dancers initially, remember that Maui paniolo cowboys have been herding cattle in Maui since the early 1800s. Inland in what’s called “upcountry”, you’ll find an authentic Maui, one of expanive green ranch land and big, beautiful […]

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Surfing Goat Dairy in Maui Upcountry Sells Good Goat Cheese

Surfing Goat Dairy is at 3651 Omaopio Rd., Kula. The Surfing Goat Dairy is 42-acre ranch with a wood hut painted red and green and strung with Christmas bulbs. The dairy is run by a couple from Germany. Thomas and Eva Kafsack traded in their relatively normal lives in Germany—he was a software engineer, she […]

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About Whale Watching in Maui Hawaii Waters

Maui is well-known throughout the world as one of the best destinations on earth to see the world’s largest creature – the whale. Yes, this is true for the fact that Maui, Hawaii is the official sanctuary of the humpback whale. So if you happen to go there during the winter days, then there’s no […]

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What is the weather in Maui Hawaii Like?

The weather in Maui can fairly unpredictable. There are some periods of the year, especially from November to March, when storms and heavy rains may hit across the island with little warning. There are also some instances when a beautiful day in the western part of the island may seem like a horrible day elsewhere. […]

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List of Fun Activities in Maui Hawaii During Vacations

Considered as a dream vacation destination in the world, more than 100,000 people visit Maui annually. Yes, certain statistics have shown it, and this is perhaps due to the fact that there are a lot of things to do in Maui, Hawaii. A lot of fun distractions are available out there and with this massive […]

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Where to Go Snorkeling in Maui Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii used to consider snorkeling as one of the best, exciting activities that every visitor in the island should indulge. It is no doubt the best way to experience the wonders underneath the Maui waters, and perhaps what makes Maui snorkeling great is that it is highly available throughout the Hawaiian area. Maui Island […]

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