Maui Beach Houses For Rent For Weddings – Better Than a Las Vegas Wedding

maui hawaii wedding on the beachOne of the most beautiful spot in the world that is famous among couples when they are ready for marriage is Maui. When it comes to creating an immensely amazing event and a place that can be easily organized, Maui is the most popular destination, where every year thousands of people get married. Thus, as much as Las Vegas is considered a highly popular wedding location, many more people have a preference for renting beach houses at Maui for their weddings rather than booking Las Vegas flights.

For both the ceremony and the reception, some fantastic spots are offered by almost all parts of the island. A variety of Maui estates for rent can be found through out the South Maui and West Maui wedding beach locations.

Wailea, is one such highly popular and a beautiful places that is ideal for taking vows. Among most of the Hawaiian Islands and specifically Maui itself, some of the finest high end resorts are present right there at the South of Maui. Throughout this entire coast, a number of pristine beaches can be found.

Kihei is another ideal beach town in the south of Maui beach. On the way to Makena or Wailea, soon to be married couples often overlook ideal wedding spots. Most of the services that are needed by the soon to be married couples can easily be found at Kihei since it is considered as South Muai’s heart.

Another plethora of wedding location options are offered by the areas around and in Lahaina Town. Unlike any other town on the island, this town has a historic feel to it. For couples who have planned a private wedding would find Olowalu, an area around Lahaina Town, to be quite ideal.

Among the top ten beaches in the world, one beach that is always able to find its way in the list is the Kapalua Beach. For getting married this is undoubtedly an ideal place. The surrounding area of the beach is as amazing as the beach itself. The island is also made beautiful by all the high end homes present over and around it as well as its golf courses.

Another spot in Maui where top notch resorts and eye catching beaches are present is Kaanapali. Every evening when the sun sets, a ceremony is commenced where a torch is lit. Apart from this unique practice, unbelievable wedding setting and a variety of amenities are also offered by this Kaanapali.

At Maui Island, one particular portion that has remained untouched from a long time is Makena. The Hawaiians from a long time believed that Makena is actually sacred land. At the back of Haleakala some very eye catching views and astonishing ocean-scapes can also be found. Getting married Makena should definitely be considered a blessed opportunity to enjoy the landscape.

Finally one more spot that is a favorite among couples, who wish to get married in Maui, is Napili. Alluring ocean views and attractive restaurants make this area particularly romantic. Thus with such a beautiful and natural setting all across Maui, couples would definitely think twice about going to Vegas in Las Vegas Flights to get married.

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