What is the weather in Maui Hawaii Like?

maui rainbow post rainThe weather in Maui can fairly unpredictable. There are some periods of the year, especially from November to March, when storms and heavy rains may hit across the island with little warning. There are also some instances when a beautiful day in the western part of the island may seem like a horrible day elsewhere.

The weather in Maui usually ranges from 78 degrees during the winter season and to about 85 degrees in the summer. With this range, it is understandable that the weather in Maui varies greatly over the course of the year. But generally speaking, many people who know more about the weather in Maui say that the weather in the island is usually mild and pleasant, so every day of the year is perfect for a vacation. Although heavy rains sometimes visit the island from the last few months of the year until the month of March, the weather in Maui is not drastic enough for the visitors to stay locked in their vacation rooms.

So given that kind of weather in Maui, it is now interesting to know when exactly is the right time to visit and explore the island. Well, according to some resources I’ve gathered, most tourists plan their Maui vacations for the wintertime. They usually came to the island during the months of October through April. A reason for this preference is mainly the fact that most of the tourists are trying to escape their own cold winters, so although the weather in Maui during this time tends to be wetter, it is the most popular time to visit and explore the hidden secrets of the island.

There are tourists in Maui, however, who do prefer the summer months for their Maui vacations. Perhaps the reason behind this preference is that during the summer, much better rates on hotels and Maui dining are available anywhere in the island. It is also with this kind of weather in Maui that people tend to indulge into the popular Hawaiian cruise.

Note also that wedding in Maui is best during summer. So if you have plans to take your vows and “I do’s” at the island, then summertime is your day. The warm weather in Maui is in fact the off season, so try to book your Hawaii vacation during this period to save bucks on your Maui honeymoon.

Finally, the water that surrounds Maui is said to be warm all year. Although the winter weather in Maui hits on the month of November till March, the water still is warm enough to comfort the swimmers. The temperature during this time actually averages in the mid 70s, while on the summer it can reach up to 80 degrees.

What is the weather in Maui Hawaii Like?

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